Fear of the White Wall


The whole idea of creating an exhibition around 5 short minutes was to reduce the anxiety of the white page. The time pressure of 5 minutes forces you to just create, go at it full force.


When faced with over 40 submissions of work and 3 white walls, the anxiety comes running back.
'what if I hang that wrong?'
'what if the colours don't quite work?'
'what if we're too tired and it looks ok but only for now?'
'will it look ok in the morning?'
'what if we can't actually do this?'

Amazing amount of submissions!

Luckily I had Ben Inkster (Fine Art graduate) to help out, he was able to give me confidence and to show me new ideas that I wouldn't have ever thought of doing.

It did take us a couple of hours of moving things around on the floor, then sticking things up with masking tape before we actually got anywhere close to the finished thing.
"what do you recon?"

Towards the end of setting up we got to a point where we had to say 'that's it- we're running out of time and energy and we'll just keep over thinking things if we carry on.'
So we tidied up whilst thinking about the final wall then finished that off before we left.

In true '5 minute challenge' style I had printed out works, collected physical works from the art school and set up an exhibition in one day, and I loved every second of it.

A HUGE thank you to everyone that submitted work! (and Chloe for organising all of the emails and important things)

Go and see our exhibition for yourself at
Market Place Studios in Stockport